The internet is a vast combination of networks, in other words it is the network of networks, A combination of thousand of routers, WANs, MANs linked up invisibly in the clouds. It hosts a lot of information from million sources since age. This is a good fact but sometimes really getting something out of the internet could be a mass delay especially for one who is not familiar with using the internet. I have seen many people give up on a particular search simply because they can't find what they want. 80% of the case is not that they can't really find what they want but because they just don't know how to search or rather they just don't have the time and patience navigating through search results; Most especially the case of downloads. Whatever the case, Join our blog discussions on What I need from the internet and leave us a comment on our page or with what you want to download and we'll feature links for you or better still we'll get one. Capish!

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